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Evidence-based, practical tips to help you to quickly update your knowledge in a range of clinical areas


Top tips: GORD in infants, children, and young people


Dr Jennifer Parkhouse offers 10 top tips on identifying and managing gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in children

Lower urinary tract infection

Top tips: urinary tract infections in adults

2020-02-11T09:57:00+00:00By Dr Sonya Jey

Dr Sonya Jey offers top tips on the diagnosis and management of urinary tract infection in different situations in primary care

Nurse holding elderly patient hand

Top tips: personalising cancer care

2020-01-27T17:28:00+00:00By Dr Anthony Cunliffe

Dr Anthony Cunliffe shares 10 top tips for primary care on the provision of personalised care for people with cancer

Case-based scenarios to help you with your diagnosis of a range of clinical conditions based on common symptoms

Weighing scales zero

Unintended weight loss: what’s the diagnosis?

2020-01-06T10:12:00+00:00By Dr Sonya Jey

Dr Sonya Jey explains the importance of considering and excluding sinister causes of unintentional weight loss and explores some clinical scenarios in which unintentional weight loss is a feature

Dermatologist dermatoscopy

Skin lesions: what’s the diagnosis?


Dr James Thambyrajah uses case studies to illustrate four different types of skin lesion and describes how each condition should be managed in primary care

Practical advice to help you with your preparation for your appraisal

A stressed male doctor with his head on his hands behind a pile of work.

GP burnout: how much of a threat is it to doctors and their patients?


Dr Honor Merriman explores how to help GPs before they reach burnout and provides practical steps for supporting colleagues and improving morale

Doctor writing medical records

Top tips: preparing for appraisal and revalidation


Dr Honor Merriman provides 10 top tips on how GPs can ensure they are ready for their appraisal, and how to get the most out of it

Doctor with laptop and notes_resized_AS

Being a reflective practitioner


Dr Honor Merriman explores recent guidance on reflective practice for practitioners and students and how this supports learning and patient care

Guidelines Live

Guidelines Live 2019

Be part of the UK’s largest clinical guidance event

2019-07-10T08:48:00+01:00By Guidelines Live

Book your tickets to Guidelines Live, where expert speakers will share their knowledge and answer your questions and exhibitors communicate the latest innovations in healthcare

Guidelines Live 2019

Guidelines Live—what's it all about?

2019-04-17T10:16:00+01:00By Valerie Benfield

Valerie Benfield, Guidelines Live event organiser, answers questions about MGP’s 2-day conference on clinical guidance and best practice

A useful template to help you reflect on Guidelines in Practice articles for your revalidation

An image of a doctor writing notes.

Reflective template


This reflective template is designed to help you reflect on your learning after reading a Guidelines in Practice article.

Short, personal anecdotes from your fellow professionals

Dr Punam Krishan

My portfolio journey

2020-03-20T10:19:00+00:00By Punam Krishan

Over the past decade, I have been a salaried GP, a GP partner, and now I work as a portfolio sessional GP. This journey has not been easy, and my job continues to evolve. For some, the thought of undergoing so many changes may cause anxiety; for me, exploring the ...

Sue Turner

Don’t forget the midwife

2020-02-21T14:14:00+00:00By Sue Hope

If you were asked to recite a list of primary care team (PCT) members, the list might go something like this: GP, practice nurse, district nurse, health visitor, pharmacist. I cannot help but wonder how many would actually include community midwives in this group? Not many, I suspect. Hopefully after ...

Photo of Dr Toni Hazell

Life as a medical parent


The dreaded call from school. My son had mentioned a bit of a tummy ache that morning, but had eaten breakfast and seemed OK, so I sent him to school and thought nothing more of it. After looking pea-green in assembly he had been sent to the nurse; by mid-morning ...

Simple, practical tips on how to improve your and your practice’s efficiency

Doctor making notes 425x282

Bid writing in general practice: how to win a losing battle


Dr Satpal Shekhawat explores the business development challenges faced by primary care clinicians, and the steps necessary to overcome them

Latest expert articles

man with eczema and red arm

Key learning points: PCDS eczema


Dr Kash Bhatti presents five key learning points from updated Primary Care Dermatology Society guidance on eczema in adults and children

Opioids highlighted in dictionary

Key learning points: SIGN chronic pain—opioids

2020-03-26T17:45:00+00:00By Professor Lesley Colvin and Professor Blair Smith

Professor Lesley Colvin and Professor Blair Smith outline key learning points on the use of opioids from the updated SIGN guideline on the management of chronic pain

A 3D CT scan of lungs affected by emphysema

Key learning points: GOLD COPD 2020 report

2020-03-20T10:03:00+00:00By Professor David Halpin

Professor David Halpin highlights key learnings for primary care from the updated GOLD strategy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Top tips: GORD in infants, children, and young people


Dr Jennifer Parkhouse offers 10 top tips on identifying and managing gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in children

Human kidneys blue with red highlights abstract

Key learning points: NICE acute kidney injury


Dr Ivan Benett discusses five key learning points from the recently updated NICE guideline on prevention, detection, and management of acute kidney injury