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Cathy Cooke discusses recommendations in NICE Guideline 46 on the safe use and management of controlled drugs

Dr Pam Brown shares some key points for the assessment, management, and review of people at risk of fragility fracture

Stop, look, and listen

Drs Joanne Walsh and Elizabeth Angier (pictured) explore NICE quality standards on food allergy and anaphylaxis and the importance of education and communication for both patients and practitioners

Dr Natasha Halliwell discusses the role of primary care in minimising the adverse impact of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on the lives of affected individuals

Dr John Lockley discusses how delegating work through the cascade of practice staff can save time for all involved

Dr Rebecca Mawson shares some key points for managing rosacea in primary care and how people with rosacea can reduce trigger events

Dr Alan Begg explores evidence-based guidance from SIGN on diagnosis, lifestyle modification, and interventions in chronic heart failure