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  • lockley john
    View from the ground

    I'd like to tell you about my newly-acquired car


    Originally I bought it for the driver s seat (no kidding I have a bad back and a good seat is a blessing). But with the car came a whole load of technical frills that initially I wasn t interested in, until I discovered how useful they could be. The ...

  • akram sam
    View from the ground

    Panic stations


    On my first day as a Practice Pharmacist, I was shown the ropes by another pharmacist who was experienced in the practice role. Fresh from having completed my diploma and with as much motivation as a January weight-loss fanatic, I was raring to go. I was introduced to the computer ...

  • dawlatly samir
    View from the ground

    Elephant in the room


    In one of my previous practices, when I was a trainee with little experience, my supervisor called me into their room to tell me about a home visit that had been allocated to me. The patient had been discharged from hospital that day. She had cancer that had metastasised to ...

  • beanland joan
    View from the ground

    Life as a practice pharmacist


    I first worked in GP practices over 10 years ago as part of a medicines management project for the then Buckinghamshire Primary Care Trust (PCT). The project involved medication reviews for patients over the age of 75 years who were taking four or more medicines. I was assigned to three ...

  • marshall liz
    View from the ground

    All in a day’s work for a Family Nurse!


    I t will soon be a whole year since I left my long-term post as a Health Visitor and stepped into the hitherto unknown world of the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP). My journey from novice to fully trained (but still learning) family nurse has been exciting and dynamic, but at ...

  • williams olivia
    View from the ground

    So, what is it you do again?


    A s an undergraduate I imagined my future self as what I considered to be the archetypal clinical psychologist, attempting to change the world by banishing one ill-informed stereotype at a time, and by helping patients in distress. Before training, I was constantly eager for any real experience . ...

  • mcgilligan joe
    View from the ground

    Adding insult to injury


    T he role of the GP is changing more rapidly than the majority of people realise, particularly our colleagues in secondary care. The fixed list responsibility means we can never discharge patients and we have a responsibility of care from cradle to grave (although I prefer the term sperm to ...

  • brooks george
    View from the ground

    A breath of fresh air


    In healthcare we have dozens of interactions with patients every day. Most are brief a 10-minute GP appointment, a 3-minute phone call, 60 seconds of counselling at the pharmacy counter and often unremarkable. Occasionally, however, consultations can be so bizarre, comical, or unusual you can t help but share them ...

  • ross louise
    View from the ground

    No smoke without fire


    Cigarettes, when used according to the manufacturers instructions, kill half the people using them. It s shocking when you think about it. Additionally, for every person who dies too soon from a smoking-related disease, another twenty suffer many years of disability and disease caused by smoking. Some ...

  • mcgilligan joe
    View from the ground

    Falling on deaf ears


    I have a personal passion when it comes to hearing aids and was distressed to read that a CCG in Devon was contemplating offering just one hearing aid to its patients on the NHS. There was an incredible backlash from charities and hearing loss campaigners who branded it as ...

  • ali omar
    View from the ground

    Is the NHS paying too much for new medicines?


    Triggered by research carried out by the University of York, the BBC and other national media were recently reporting that the cancer drugs fund is poor value for money. The research in question stated that NICE has set its price threshold too high, critically stating that the cost per quality ...

  • mcgilligan joe
    View from the ground

    The fat of the land—a fruitful solution?


    O n my first day as a medical student, I was told by a very wise and sage-like professor that medicine is not a science but an art the art of entertaining people while nature cured them. He also said that there were three rules of medicine to learn. First, ...

  • hale annabel
    View from the ground

    Life in palliative care


    Annabel Hale, Staff Nurse at St Christopher’s Hospice, Sydenham, London

  • View from the ground

    A nation divided


  • View from the ground

    The reality of the 'F2 GP holiday'


    Dr Alexandra Cobb shares her experience of working in primary care.