The King’s Fund has published a report on Mental health and new care models—lessons from the vanguards.

In partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, The King’s Fund conducted research with vanguard sites in England to study the efficacy of attempts to remove barriers between mental health and other parts of the health system through the use of new care models.

The five year forward view for mental health published by NHS England identified integrating physical and mental health as a key priority. Many vanguard sites have started to include mental health components in their care models, which has resulted in promising early results. However, the report claims that the full range of opportunities available to develop an integrated approach to mental health have yet to be realised and that mental health is not sufficiently prioritised in some cases.

The full report from The King’s Fund covers the following topics:

  • key messages
  • aims and methodology
  • nine principles for success
  • mental health in new models of care—examples from the vanguard sites
  • emerging lessons for local system leaders
  • next steps
  • recommendations.