New GP contract series is helpful

I read the recent column by Phil Hammond on online prescribing with interest (‘Is online prescribing the way forward?Guidelines in Practice, August 2003). The most common reason quoted for installing a practice computer in the early days was to help with repeat prescribing, as this was seen to be both a chore and a possible source of danger. I firmly believe that prescriptions should always be written in a face to face consultation with the patient. Whether telephone or internet consultations can be considered face to face is a moot point.

Dr Geoff Clayton, GP, Norwich

I found the feature on tackling the CHD indicators of the new GP contract very useful (‘Tackling the clinical indicators: secondary prevention of CHDGuidelines in Practice, September 2003). I worked through each one of the CHD indicators and looked at what we are doing in our practice. It was very helpful having the Read codes included in the quick reference table.

Dr Rob Wicks, GP, Eastbourne

Guidelines in Practice, November 2003, Volume 6(11)
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