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This week's featured article

Heart puzzle_AS

Top tips: cardiotoxicity and cancer


Dr Sinead Clarke and Dr Nicola Harker provide top tips on mitigating the impact of cancer treatment on cardiovascular health

The latest news on guidance, commissioning, and primary care

PCWHF publishes guideline on prolapse


Conservative management of prolapse—competency framework for primary care has been published by the PCWHF.

Report published on gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare


A report on gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare by Professor Sir Norman Williams has been published by the DHSC.

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Guidelines in Practice multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are designed to help you test your knowledge and reflect on your learning after reading an article. Below is a list of the most recent sets of MCQs.

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Resources developed by Guidelines in Practice, including animations, checklists, formulary decision guides, supplements, and webinars

  • Formulary decision guide: Combisal® (salmeterol/fluticasone) pMDI

  • Formulary decision guide: Kyntheum®▼ (brodalumab) solution for injection

  • Webinar—Stepping up to ICS/LABA combination therapy in adult asthma: practical guidance and advice on choosing an inhaler

  • Formulary decision guide: Trajenta® (linagliptin) 5 mg film-coated tablets

  • Animation on biosimilars: opportunities, evidence, and guidance

Short, informal articles from people working in primary care

Grant kim

Rough seas and calm waters


I recently took part in a voluntary parenting course run by my son’s primary school for one evening a week over 6 weeks. When I signed up, I did not expect that it would prove so transferable to my role as a GP.

Dr Toni Hazell

The nuclear option


View from the ground, by Dr Toni Hazell

hooke rachel

Charging for doctors' appointments


View from the ground, by Dr Rachel Hooke

Dr Toni Hazell

The doctor will call you now


View from the ground, by Dr Toni Hazell

Dr Punam Krishan

Dr Bawa-Garba—inappropriate scapegoat?


View from the ground, by Dr Punam Krishan