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Dr Angela Goyal

Psoriasis: PCDS treatment pathway provides practical advice for GPs

2018-03-28T10:36:00+01:00By ,

Drs Angela Goyal and Kash Bhatti provide an overview of the PCDS primary care treatment pathway for psoriasis and discuss the importance of lifestyle advice and skin-directed treatment

shroff neil

Most actinic keratosis can be managed with topical treatments


Dr Neil Shroff explores updated British Association of Dermatologists guidance on actinic keratosis and offers an overview of treatment options and considerations

mawson rebecca

Facial rashes: what’s the diagnosis?


Dr Rebecca Mawson discusses possible causes of a facial rash in adults and how to diagnose on the basis of clinical observations

charlson paul

Top tips: eczema

2017-04-13T11:25:00+01:00By Dr Paul Charlson

Dr Paul Charlson provides 10 top tips on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of eczema in primary care

lim kenneth

Auditing psoriasis care: an example from Redhill, Surrey

2017-03-30T00:00:00+01:00By Dr Kenneth Lim

Dr Kenneth Lim answers questions on how an audit of psoriasis care at a GP practice in Surrey improved outcomes for patients

moncrieff george

Rosacea: newer treatments can avoid antibiotics


Dr George Moncrieff, Chair of the Dermatology Council for England, provides his personal view of the recent PCDS rosacea treatment pathway

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Formulary decision guide: Semglee (insulin glargine biosimilar)

Formulary decision guide: Hulio® ▼ (adalimumab biosimilar)

2018-10-31T09:24:00+00:00Commissioned by Mylan

Information intended for healthcare professionals only.

Kyntheum FDG

Formulary decision guide: Kyntheum®▼ (brodalumab) solution for injection

2018-07-10T06:59:00+01:00Commissioned by LEO Pharma

Commissioned by LEO Pharma