Skin and wound care

skin and wound care

Dermatologist dermatoscopy

Skin lesions: what’s the diagnosis?


Dr James Thambyrajah uses case studies to illustrate four different types of skin lesion and describes how each condition should be managed in primary care

Eczema-arms 480x320

Eczema: the role of the practice pharmacist

2019-07-05T14:40:00+01:00By Ruari O'Connell and Gupinder Syan

Ruari O’Connell and Gupinder Syan discuss treatments for eczema and the role of the practice pharmacist in managing patients with eczema in primary care

Molloscum contagiosum

Rashes in children: what’s the diagnosis?


Dr Jennifer Parkhouse unravels four case studies covering several diagnoses of childhood rashes and explains how each condition should be managed in primary care

Dr Angela Goyal

Psoriasis: PCDS treatment pathway provides practical advice for GPs

2018-03-28T10:36:00+01:00By ,

Drs Angela Goyal and Kash Bhatti provide an overview of the PCDS primary care treatment pathway for psoriasis and discuss the importance of lifestyle advice and skin-directed treatment

shroff neil

Most actinic keratosis can be managed with topical treatments


Dr Neil Shroff explores updated British Association of Dermatologists guidance on actinic keratosis and offers an overview of treatment options and considerations

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FINAL Doublebase Pic

Doublebase Dayleve™ Gel (isopropyl myristate, liquid paraffin)

2019-07-09T07:08:00+01:00Commissioned by Dermal Laboratories Ltd

Information intended for healthcare professionals only.

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Nailing your onychomycosis management

2019-05-16T06:45:00+01:00Commissioned by Bayer Plc

Contains promotional content

Cost benefits eczema

Cost-benefit of prescribing emollients for eczema patients

2019-03-27T09:49:00+00:00Commissioned by Johnson & Johnson Limited

The content of this infographic has been developed by Johnson & Johnson Ltd.

FDG - Methofill

Methofill® (methotrexate) Self Inject

2019-02-18T08:26:00+00:00Commissioned by Accord UK Ltd

Information intended for healthcare professionals only.

Formulary decision guide: Semglee (insulin glargine biosimilar)

Formulary decision guide: Hulio® ▼ (adalimumab biosimilar)

2018-10-31T09:24:00+00:00Commissioned by Mylan

Information intended for healthcare professionals only.

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    Tue, 25 Jun 2019 08:39 GMT

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  • BAD onychomycosis guideline

    Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:30 GMT

    This summary covers diagnosis and active treatment of onychomycosis, including advice for preventing reinfection, and criteria for referral.

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