Renal conditions

renal conditions

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Plasma protein tests: how to interpret abnormal results

2018-08-23T08:31:00+01:00By Dr Jez Thompson

Dr Jez Thompson describes the range of plasma protein tests available in primary care and explains what abnormal results might indicate

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Chronic kidney disease audit highlights areas for improvement

2017-12-15T15:39:00+00:00By Dr Kathryn Griffith

Dr Kathryn Griffith summarises some key findings from the National CKD audit and explains why the NICE quality standard should lead to improvements in care

People with CKD have a higher risk of cardiovascular events


Dr Ivan Benett explains how implementing the NICE quality standard on chronic kidney disease will help to reduce the number of individuals needing dialysis or renal replacement

Aspirational range for haemoglobin level in anaemia of CKD revised


Dr Penny Ackland discusses how trial evidence has led NICE to update the intervention and target haemoglobin levels for people with chronic kidney disease-related anaemia

Primary care has an important role in the management of CKD

2009-07-01T00:00:00+01:00By Dr Kathryn Griffith

Dr Kathryn Griffith explains how the chronic kidney disease indicators in the quality and outcomes framework have evolved, and how they fit in with NICE guidance

Cardiovascular risk should be reduced in patients with CKD


Dr Alan Begg reviews the guidelines on chronic kidney disease from NICE and SIGN, and highlights key clinical points for management in primary care