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Updated guideline on ADHD defines the role of primary care


Dr Natasha Halliwell examines the latest recommendations from NICE on recognising, treating, and managing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

de giorgio stephanie

Top tips: perinatal mental health problems


Dr Stephanie de Giorgio offers top tips for the detection, assessment, and management of perinatal mental health problems in primary care

baskind rob

Top tips: ADHD in adults

2017-10-19T07:34:00+01:00By Dr Rob Baskind

Dr Rob Baskind provides top tips for the primary care management of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and advice on the referral process

horne dominic

GPs should promote physical activity in people with mental health issues

2017-06-27T16:10:00+01:00By Dr Dominic Horne

Dr Dominic Horne discusses the importance of physical activity in people with mental health problems and the role of primary care in monitoring their physical health

beveridge ed

Top tips: depression


Dr Ed Beveridge offers top tips for the assessment, management, and treatment of adults with depression in primary care

sly richard

Eating disorders: patients need early diagnosis and rapid treatment

2016-12-15T00:00:00+00:00By Dr Richard Sly

Dr Richard Sly explains how early diagnosis and treatment is crucial in eating disorders and why GPs should recognise and refer patients for prompt intervention