Haematological conditions

Haematological conditions


Plasma protein tests: how to interpret abnormal results


Dr Jez Thompson describes the range of plasma protein tests available in primary care and explains what abnormal results might indicate

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Top tips: anaemia in adults


Dr Toni Hazell offers 10 practical tips exploring the best ways to investigate and manage anaemia in adults, and how to address patient concerns

red blood cells

Top tips: haematological emergencies


Dr Ranil Perera describes the often diverse and complex haematological emergencies observed in primary care and how these should be managed

Aspirational range for haemoglobin level in anaemia of CKD revised


Dr Penny Ackland discusses how trial evidence has led NICE to update the intervention and target haemoglobin levels for people with chronic kidney disease-related anaemia

BSG guidelines aim to raise awareness of iron deficiency anaemia


The new BSG guidelines are designed to promote effective management of iron deficiency anaemia according to a simple scheme, explains Dr Brian Scott

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  • NICE anaemia in CKD guideline

    Fri, 12 Jun 2015 00:00 GMT

    This summary on the management of anaemia in people with chronic kidney disease features a treatment algorithm to help with clinical practice.