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Co-morbidities in type 2 diabetes


Dr Kevin Fernando describes eight common co-morbidities in patients with type 2 diabetes and how the co-existing conditions should be managed

Dr Kevin Fernando

Type 2 diabetes: what are the benefits and risks of glucose-lowering agents?


Dr Kevin Fernando explains how SIGN 154 offers evidence-based guidance on glucose control therapies for people with type 2 diabetes

fernando kevin

Top tips: type 2 diabetes


Dr Kevin Fernando provides top tips on diagnosing and managing type 2 diabetes and identifying people at high risk

nagi dinesh

An innovative diabetes service redesign in Wakefield

2017-01-12T00:00:00+00:00By Dr Dinesh Nagi

Dr Dinesh Nagi provides insight into an integrated model of care provided by primary care and specialist diabetes teams

fernando kevin

Structured education for people with diabetes can improve quality of life


Dr Kevin Fernando discusses the updated NICE quality standard on diabetes in adults: education about diabetes can motivate patients and enable self-management

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Ozempic FDG thumbnail

Formulary decision guide: Ozempic®▼ (semaglutide)

2018-10-25T09:36:00+01:00Commissioned by Novo Nordisk Limited

Information intended for healthcare professionals only. This formulary decision guide was developed from content supplied by Novo Nordisk in a format developed by Guidelines in Practice. It has been reviewed by Novo Nordisk, who commissioned the development of the formulary decision guide.

20180515 Jardiance FDG

Formulary decision guide: Jardiance®▼ (empagliflozin) film-coated tablets

2018-08-09T11:18:00+01:00Promotional material from Boehringer Ingelheim Limited and Lilly Diabetes Alliance

Information intended for healthcare professionals only. This formulary decision guide was initiated, funded, and reviewed by Boehringer Ingelheim Limited and Lilly Diabetes Alliance. The format was developed by Guidelines in Practice. Prescribing information can be found on page 2 of the formulary decision guide.

trajenta fdg

Formulary decision guide: Trajenta® (linagliptin) 5 mg film-coated tablets

2018-06-08T15:07:00+01:00Promotional material from Boehringer Ingelheim Limited and Lilly Diabetes Alliance

Promotional material from Boehringer Ingelheim Limited and Lilly Diabetes Alliance

Sign 154 video

Video: SIGN 154: Pharmacological management of glycaemic control in people with type 2 diabetes

2018-04-16T13:38:00+01:00Funded by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited

The development of this Guidelines video has been supported by an educational grant from Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited. Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited had no influence over the selection of the speaker or the content of the video, and checked the final files for technical accuracy only.

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