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Patients on long-term vitamin K antagonist therapy require regular monitoring and healthcare professionals should regularly review the ability of patients and carers to use their self-monitoring devices effectively.

NICE recommends self-monitoring of coagulation status in adults and children on long-term vitamin K antagonist therapy who have atrial fibrillation or heart valve disease if people prefer this form of testing and if the person or their carer is both physically and cognitively able to self-monitoring effectively. 

The pack covers several key areas that will provide healthcare professionals and their organisation with information on building a business case and operational plan to implement a self-monitoring service.

Online eLearning modules

Helicon Health Limited has developed eLearning courses designed to provide patients with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to monitor oral anticoagulation therapy. Introductory modules are available free of charge and offer educational content on:

  • the benefits of self-monitoring
  • testing international normalised ratio using a coagulometer
  • how anticoagulants affect blood clotting.

Visit to learn more.

CoaguChek Handling videos

The following handling videos can be used when training your patients on how to use their self-testing meter. Copies of these training videos are also provided for patients on the CoaguChek website training page and as a DVD provided with a meter purchase.

CoaguChek INRange handling video 

CoaguChek XS handling video

CoaguChek XS Pro Handling videos

CoaguChek XS Plus Handling videos

Case studies

The case studies outline local initiatives that have transitioned from laboratory testing to a near patient testing service for warfarin management. They cover aspects such as patient experience and clinical practice, and outlined the resulting outcomes, including improved control of international normalised ratio and patient empowerment.