Provision of cognitive behaviour therapy currently falls far below the level needed to treat patients with anxiety

I read with interest the article ‘NICE anxiety guideline highlights importance of psychological therapy’ (Guidelines in Practice, February 2005,Vol 8(2)).

It is always good for those of us working in substance misuse to see a decrease in reliance on benzodiazepines. However, we still have the problem of managing anxiety disorders, and UK evidence suggests that while substance misuse treatment produces many good outcomes in health and social functioning, psychological problems tend to remain unaddressed.

The evidence base for cognitive behaviour therapy has been around for years, and I hope this renewed emphasis will do something to increase service provision in this area. At present we face waiting lists of many months.

Dr Susannah Harris,
Clinical Lead in Substance Misuse, Calderdale Substance Misuse Service

Guidelines in Practice, March 2005, Volume 8(3)
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