The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has released guidance on the Next steps on the Five year forward view: a briefing for members and on the NHS mandate 2017/18: a briefing for members.

The RPS guidance on Next steps on the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) outlines the primary objectives laid out in the FYFV and includes key take-home messages for pharmacists, encouraging them to strengthen local services and engage with new care models.

Commenting on the NHS FYFV, Sandra Gidley, RPS England Board Chair, said: ‘Whilst some progress has been made, the clinical skills of pharmacists are still a great untapped potential. We urge NHS England to properly consider the contribution of community pharmacy in prevention and early detection of illness as well as and management of long-term conditions.’

In the RPS guide to the NHS mandate, RPS describes the seven overarching objectives for the NHS mandate and how they affect pharmacists, including highlighting opportunities to prevent unwarranted variation in the use of medicines, increase the value gained from medicines, and act as a first port of call for people with minor illnesses. Also included in the guide are the key messages from the NHS mandate:

  • the implementation of sustainability and transformation plans is key, including the spread and adoption of the new care models
  • prevention is a significant element—supporting people to live healthier lives and reducing demand on the NHS
  • people want to be more involved in their own care—empower people to take responsibility for their care
  • expand and strengthen primary care (out-of-hospital care)
  • increase access to care so people experience the same level of care any day of the week
  • parity between mental and physical health.