NHS England has announced an investment of £100 million in the clinical pharmacist programme for primary care, expected to support an extra 1500 clinical pharmacists working in general practice by 2020/21, in addition to the 490 already in place from the pilot programme launched in July 2015.

Over 700 more practices across England are expected to benefit from having a pharmacist in their local GP surgery, covering up to 6 million patients and easing the workload burden on GPs. These pharmacists will work as part of the general practice team, providing expertise and consultations as required including extra help to manage long-term conditions and multimorbidity, as well as improve access to health checks.

Dr Arvind Madan, GP and NHS England Director of Primary Care, said: ‘The clinical pharmacist programme is a clear win-win for patients and GPs. The pilots have shown GP workload to be eased while patients have the convenience of being seen by the right professional in a more timely way. The expansion of the programme today is great news for everyone.’

The expansion of the programme will incorporate practices across England. A list of supported sites is available on the NHS England website.