Volume 10 Issue 11 - November 2007

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  NICE or Department of Health guideline
  SIGN guideline
  Independent professional body guideline
  Working party guideline
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Guidelines in Practice - November 2007 cover
  Guidelines in Practice Cardiovascular Disease Award 2007
  Audit on measuring CVD risk wins Guidelines in Practice Award
  New Government survey measures GP support for PBC
  NICE issues guideline on use of TNF-α inhibitors in RA
  Personal View
  NICE publishes guidance on use of rituximab for RA
  Dr Louise Warburton discusses NICE approval of rituximab for the treatment of patients with severe active rheumatoid arthritis
  GMS Contract: QOF2
  Patients with COPD are benefiting from the QOF clinical indicators
  Dr Steve Holmes discusses the clinical indicators for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and how they are augmenting the already high level of care provided by GPs
  New Guideline
  BSACI advises GPs on tackling chronic urticaria and angio-oedema
  The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology guideline alleviates the diagnostic and therapeutic challenge of urticaria, say Dr Imran Rafi and Dr Shuaib Nasser
  Guideline Revisited
  Evidence-based advice helps GPs to identify and treat dyspepsia
  Dr James Dalrymple revisits the guideline from NICE on the management of dyspepsia in primary care, and assesses its impact on initial diagnosis, treatment, and prescribing costs
  Hot Topic
  Plan your practice’s procedures for tackling an influenza pandemic
  Dr Gerard Panting outlines the potential course and spread of a national and global epidemic, its impact on healthcare resources, and what steps can be taken to prepare for it
  QOF2 Indicators
  QOF2 clinical indicators: summary tables
  Focus on CME
  Guidelines in Practice: CME questions: 74
  Write the answers in the spaces provided, then cut out the pages and put them in your personal development plan
  Conferences & Meetings
  Diary of events
  Please let us know of your forthcoming meetings and workshops for inclusion in our events diary
  Out of Hours
  Evidence-based medicine is stifling clinical freedom
  Dr Phil Hammond, broadcaster and GP returner in Bristol