NICE Clinical Guideline 82

Schizophrenia (update): the treatment and management of schizophrenia in adults

The recommendations from NICE cover:
  • key priorities for implementation including:
    • access and engagement
    • primary care and physical health
    • psychological and pharmacological interventions
  • working in partnership with carers
  • interventions for people with schizophrenia whose illness has not responded adequately to treatment
  • treatment of the acute episode.
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NICE Clinical Guideline 83

Critical illness rehabilitation

The recommendations from NICE cover:
  • assessment and management during the
    critical care stay
  • key principles of care including:
    • reviewing and updating the short- and medium-term rehabilitation goals throughout the patient’s rehabilitation care pathway
    • ensuring information is communicated to other healthcare settings as appropriate
    • the functional reassessment 2–3 months after discharge by primary/community care.
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NICE Technology Appraisal 169

Sunitinib for the first-line treatment of advanced and/or metastatic renal cell carcinoma

  • Sunitinib is recommended as a first-line treatment for patients with advanced and/or metastatic renal cell carcinoma if both the following apply:
    • immunotherapy would be suitable for them
    • they are mobile enough to do light housework or office work
  • patients already on sunitinib before the guidance was issued should be allowed to continue with this treatment until they and their clinician decide they should stop.
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