Guidelines in Practice animations provide a quick overview of best-practice topics related to clinical guidance and medicines—update your knowledge in 10 minutes or less. Items may contain pharmaceutical promotional information.

CMA index image

Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA) and The Allergic March

Commissioned and funded by Reckitt

This promotional animation has been commissioned and funded by Reckitt and developed in partnership with Guidelines in Practice.
RB-R-9342 November 2021

Decompensated cirrhosis animation image

Animation on the decompensated cirrhosis care bundle—the first 24 hours

Commissioned by Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited

This animation has been commissioned and funded by Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited and developed in partnership with Guidelines in Practice.
UKE-COR-NP-2100080  Date of preparation: October 2021