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There has been a significant increase in the prevalence of chronic liver disease in the UK, and as a result, hospital admissions and deaths due to liver disease have also increased.1

A ‘care bundle’ has been developed for patients admitted with decompensated cirrhosis (of all aetiologies) to provide guidance to healthcare professionals on the effective evidence-based treatments that should be delivered within the first 24 hours.1

Watch this short animation to learn about:

  • the appropriate investigations that should be undertaken when a patient presents with decompensated cirrhosis 
  • the initial management of alcohol withdrawal, infection, acute kidney injury, gastrointestinal bleeding and encephalopathy
  • post discharge management.

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  1. McPherson S, Dyson J, Austin A, Hudson M. Response to the NCEPOD report: development of a care bundle for patients admitted with decompensated cirrhosis—the first 24 h. Frontline Gastroenterology 2016; 7 (1) 16–23.



Date of preparation: October 2021