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  • anxiety-min
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    Top tips: anxiety disorders


    Dr Ed Beveridge offers ten top tips on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of adults with anxiety disorders in primary care

  • Person at end of tunnel
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    Top tips: eating disorders


    Dr Dominique Thompson offers 10 top tips for general practice on the role of GPs in managing eating disorders, including signs to look out for, the right questions to ask, and the need for referral without delay

  • Scales
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    Top tips: talking about weight


    Jane Diggle and Dr Pam Brown offer 10 top tips on initiating conversations about weight and motivating people to make healthy changes

  • alcohol_AS
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    Top tips: alcohol dependency


    Dr Stephen Willott provides 10 top tips for assessing alcohol dependency in primary care including how to manage patients presenting in crisis

  • antibody_AS
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    Top tips: cancer immunotherapy


    Dr Anna Olsson-Brown and Dr Nicola Harker offers 10 top tips on the novel use of immunotherapies in cancer treatment

  • Streptococcus Pneumoniae_AS
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    Top tips: community-acquired pneumonia


    Dr Sinan Eccles offers top tips for the assessment and management of adults with community-acquired pneumonia in primary care

  • breast cancer_AS
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    Top tips: early and locally advanced breast cancer


    Dr Richard Simcock and Dr Nicola Harker offer 10 top tips on early breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, based on recent recommendations and research

  • Menopause_AS
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    Top tips: menopause


    Dr Alice Scott and Dr Louise Newson offer ten top tips on diagnosing and managing the menopause and premature ovarian insufficiency

  • Erythrocytes 4 resized
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    Top tips: anaemia in adults


    Dr Toni Hazell offers 10 practical tips exploring the best ways to investigate and manage anaemia in adults, and how to address patient concerns

  • Heart puzzle_AS
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    Top tips: cardiotoxicity and cancer


    Dr Sinead Clarke and Dr Nicola Harker provide top tips on mitigating the impact of cancer treatment on cardiovascular health